Lufthansa Airlines – history of German airline

Lufthansa is one of the largest German Airline which also makes it one of the largest airlines in Europe. Alongside with four other influential airlines, it is the founder of the Star Alliance- the largest airline alliance in the world formed in 1997. The Lufthansa’s main hub is located at Frankfurt Airport and it’s corporate headquarters are in Cologne.

Lufthansa Airlines – historical overview

The company was found in 1953 on the foundations of pre-war Lufthansa which worked since 1936 to 1945 when all services were terminated following the defeat of Nazi Germany. At the time West Germany had not yet been granted jurisdiction over its airspace, so it was uncertain when the new airline could become operational. However, eight planes were bought and in 1955 Lufthansa launched a few domestic flights linking some of the largest cities in the country. Later that year, German planes started to fly abroad and even overseas. No planes were allowed to enter Berlin up until 1989 due to its special post-war status.

Only in 1990 Berlin became one of Lufthansa’s destinations. Lufthansa was the first airline that brought into its fleet Boeings 737 which later became the best-selling jet airliner in the history of aviation. Also, since 2004 it is a participant in the Boeing Connextion programme, which allowed passangers to use in-flight connection to the internet. Lufthansa was the first air carrier to join this program.

Lufthansa Flights – travelling with Lufthansa fleet

Nowadays, Lufthansa owns almost 300 planes and flies to 220 destinations in Europe, North America, majority of South America, Asia and Africa. There are also many various seasonal offers for instance, this summer Lufthansa provides flights to interesting destinations in Europe such as Alicante in Spain, Biarritz in France or historical capital of Creta Island- Heraklion. This winter flights to Barbados, Las Vegas or Namibia are launched. When planning a trip Lufthansa gives opportuninty to choose from four different travel classes. Starting from Economic Class on short flights which is the basic form of travel with variety of food and beverages and entertainment like music, TV or audiobooks on board.

Lufthansa Premium Economy, Business Class and First Class – amenities on board

The next upgrade is Economic Premium, which offers more leg space and allows bigger hand luggage. Following there is Bussines Class with even more amenities such as priority boarding and fold-out chairs that convert into a two meter bed for a good night rest. For the most demanding passangers, carrier offers First Class and private jets with the highest quality of service. In all travel classes Lufthansa launched FlyNet service giving opportunity to use internet on board.

The tariff varies depending on flight length and destination. Lufthansa, as well as several other European airlines, offers a frequent-flyer programme, which is called Miles & More. Members can earn miles on both Lufthansa and Star Alliance partner flights and purchases made in Lufthansa shops. The status of each individual programme is determined by the miles flown during one calendar year and offers exclusive benefits depending on the membership level.