Berlin restaurants

The best Berlin’s restaurants

Food exploration is definitely a huge part of nowaday’s travelling. Sight-seeing is cool, no doubts but it gets even better and more memorable once you discover some amazing places to snack on in between or have a romantic dinner after entire day of wandering around. Be it a city or a region, each place has its own specificity when it comes to eating and restaurants. Cozier towns will have to offer you some local specialties which are hard to find elsewhere and metropolies like Berlin will bombard you with plenty of choices. In order to help you to navigate, we prepared a brief guide on Berlin’s restaurants so you won’t waste your precious tourist time to google what is worth trying.


Berlin might be an overwhelming city, in terms of size, diversity, and everything else you can imagine. Don’t be scared though and take it as a perfect chance to show your taste buds something they have never had before. There are tons of lists and rankings claiming what is “top” but at the end it is up to you to decide. Keep in mind that none of these will be exhaustive as there is always a new or undiscovered spot. So take the following lines as an inspiration, check the places out, ask your friends who have visited Berlin before, share your impressions, and don’t forget to have a fun!

Wide range of tastes – delicious food in Berlin

Your choice of a certain place depends on which cuisine you crave for at the moment. If you look for something Middle East, then Berlin has a lot to offer. A bowl of perfectly blended hummus? No problem. A box of crunchy falafels? You got this. Kanaan is definitely a restaurant to visit. Its owners claim to have the best hummus in town and they might be right. Need a peanuts topped plate of pad-thai? Visit a meaningfully named Good Time and you won’t regret it. Looking for a thin crust pizza with creamy mozzarella that you can dip in aromatic olive oil over a glass of delicious wine? Head to A Mano. How about spicy and mouthwatering kimchi? Find Ixthys, placed between walls of other buildings, always busy so you won’t miss it. Japanese? Zenkichi offers you way more than just sushi. Start from a bottle of sake, enjoy a great atmosphere of the restaurant, and let yourself discover taste of the Land of Cherry Blossoms. Feeling like having some palak paneer? Khushi has much more than this – try their curry and your life won’t be the same. Want to snack on some tacos? Stay in line in front of Maria Bonita because there is likely to be a long queue.

Or maybe it is your first time in Germany and you wish to try what they call traditional German cuisine? No worries, Berlin is full of places where you can have a quality beer and sausage. Try Gasthaus Krombach, Kumpel & Keule, or Das Meisterstück and afterwards you can tell your friends what German food is like.

Best food in Berlin

As you can see, whether you crave for something international or local, Berlin has everything you need. Elegant restaurants ideal for a date dinner or a crowded yet cozy place when you need a quick lunch on your sight-seeing way, you are going to find all you need. Check out the places mentioned above, talk to people around, ask for recommendations. One thing is sure – you won’t stay hungry in Berlin!