Attractions in Berlin

A city for you

Berlin, the capital of Germany, is one of the most popular cities in the world. There are thousands of tourists annually who admire this picturesque place and its long and perplexing history. It doesn’t matter how do you prefer to spend your time while traveling, you’re going to fall in love with Berlin, because it offers amazing attractions for everybody. 

Historical treasures

The majority of excursions focus on magnificent buildings which are strictly linked with the history of this country.

  • The most recognizable of them is, for sure, the Brandenburg Gate, an outstanding monument from the 18th century. It’s not only the most famous landmark of Berlin but also a symbol of unity and peace.
  • Another building which is a must-see is Reichstag, the home of the German Parliament. It is a beautiful neo-renaissance construction. One of its most recognizable features is a huge dome, which is open to visitors.  


Berlin is also a perfect place for all culture freaks since there is a vast variety of museums.

  • There is the New Museum, which hosts Egyptian, prehistory and early history collections.
  • The Natural History MuseumPergamon MuseumStasi Museum and Old National Gallery are just a couple of sites worth visiting.
  • Among the most moving places are for sure the Jewish Museum as well as the Berlin Wall Museum. In the center of Berlin, you can also find the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, a place which reminds about the tragedy of Holocaust.  

Sacred architecture

In Berlin, there are lots of beautiful churches.

  • The Berlin Cathedral Church is the most recognizable one. 
  • There is also an extremely interesting Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church
  • Worth mentioning is the oldest church in Berlin, the St. Nicholas’ Church which amazes visitors with is outstandinggothic architecture 


If you are a foodieyou don’t have to worrybecause Berlin will shock you with its mouth-watering cuisine

  • Currywurst, a grilled sausage is the most popular traditional street food in Germany. You will be surprised how good it is
  • Another favored sausage is Bratwurstwhich is grilled and served in a bun.
  • The most common dish is schnitzelusually presented with potatoesIt’s a go-to dinner for every tourist 


This city is also famous for its fabulous music festivals.

  • The Citadel Music Festival lasts a couple of months and presents extraordinary, diverse artists.
  • Melt Festival is another interesting proposition. It lasts only two days in July, but it’s an event, which you’ll never forget.
  • Pop Kultur takes place in August and it focuses not only on music, but also on different aspects of culture like film and literature.

No matter which festival you attend, the lineup is impressive on every single one of them.  

A city to fall in love with

Berlin is rich in culture, food and history. Because of that everybody should visit this amazing city and soak up the atmosphere of this place. To do that, sometimes it’s worth getting lost and discovering remote parts of Berlin, which are not yet popular among tourists. It doesn’t matter whether you stick to the itinerary or not, Berlin will leave you speechless.